Card Class Today

I'm trying to be a little more conscientious about posting, but we all know how that works. Attended another of Shirley's classes at my LSS, Stamp Fever. All three of today's images are by Marcella Hawley of Power Poppy, and she does some awesome floral images. I first "met" her through Flourishes, but that folded and she started her own company, so I have some of her stamps from two sources. All three of today's images are from the "Go Wild" set, and Shirley provided us with the stamped images on two different card stocks—one for the alcohol pens users and one for the colored pencil users. Today's group all used pencils! She also had plenty of samples for our tiny class, and since it's really more coloring and assembling than it is stamping, we could start with whichever one we chose to do first.

I chose this one as the first one:
 And my scanner cut off the right side of this one! Sheesh.

The second one:
This one's tilted a bit. Oh well.

And finally:
Looks like the bottom was cut off of that one. Bad day for my scanner, looks like.

Linda C's class is next Saturday, but sadly, my partner-in-crime Melissa won't be able to make it.

Until next time...

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  1. Hi Darla. Since you left a message on your blog I thought I would message you this way aswell. I have replied every single time you have emailed me. Honestly - about 4 times now - and twice on our website where you asked aswell in the actual classroom. I have never received a response from you. Can you please check your emails from olavana@hotmail.com - I have explained every time and I keep getting emails back from you that are really unfair to me. Thanks