Another Class Today

Today it was Linda C, and I have no clue whose stamps she used, and I'm not entirely sure whose dies she used, either, except that the cards with the curved tops used a Lawn Fawn die for the curved cuts. Several companies have the faux-stitching dies.

All of the designs were pretty simply, and except for one card, all we had to do was color and assemble. The one card which required a bit more was the first one, and involved a punch and a bit of fussy cutting.

This is the one which required the punch and the fussy cutting, and we had a choice of three options for that part. And that card stock is actually white; I scanned the card, and the popped-up "Nerd Alert" caused the shadowing effect on the card.

Obviously, this is the one with the curved top. The person sitting across from me brought a cup of ice in with her, and didn't have a lid on it. Fortunately, when she knocked the cup over the spilled ice only hit the envelope and not any of the card elements. She also had to hum along with the radio. And chew her ice. I did not pack up and move to the other end of the table. But I was not disappointed when she left.

Wow! Craptastic scan! Yes, mine are bluebirds, whereas Linda's were yellow. Pretty much all of my birds will be either black (condors and many corvids) or blue (hello! Buffalo Springfield fan here!).

That's it for classes for at least a couple of weeks, methinks. Linda has one in June which will be on a Sunday, and I seem to remember Shirley has another coming up in June. Also, there will be another MISTI class next month.

A week of vacation this week, and I'm already planning a day trip away from home, to get away and see the sites.

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