Inky Fingers Catch-Up

More cards from last year.
First up: the card I sent to fellow Capitals fan Becky after she offered to order the 2010-11 STH (Season Ticket Holder) jacket for me, and its innard.

A random card, utilizing two stamps, one of which I've had for years (the dock):
Eunice will be see again in a later post. Or two. The innard:
its back:
and its envelope:
Another random card (which seems to be missing its corresponding innard), playing with a new corner punch:
And another random card, this time an experiment with striped cardstock:
and its innard (playing with a new ticket punch!):
One of the earliest cards I did, before I started photographing them, so I had to borrow this one back when BFF-J came home for a visit last Memorial Day. There's a bit of water damage on it.
and its innard:
This one involved a bit of experimentation:
and its innard:
More experimentation, with multiple layers of cardstock and border punches:
and its innard:
And the last one for this session…yep: more experimentation with border punches and a matching bookmark and a monochrome color palette. The square panel, using the border punch once on each side, came from a suggestion in a card-crafting publication. I'm not sure whose card-and-matching-bookmark idea I borrowed. The front of the card:
Card front with bookmark:
I don't remember what the innard was and don't seem to have a photo of it.

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  1. Love the cards! The hockey one is right up my alley (as a Canadian, eh?)....and the Eunice card is just too funny! What a great image.