Quaker Quarterly Exchange

The current one is something like the seventh of these I've participated in. Of those, two of them have been mailed within a reasonable time from the designated mailing date. Another was mailed on time, but disappeared in the Post Awful somewhere—in the same city I live in! The rest have mailed late. Every. Single. One. The mailing date for this latest exchange was May 31. I'm still waiting.

And I'm profoundly disappointed. I don't think I want to play this any more.


  1. Was me who has to send the piece for you this QQE 18, I just deliveried it yesteraday, in person, to your home. Unfortunally you were not there. I want to apologies for the delay but was somethingI did not have control about it, work trips keep me away from home longer that was expected.
    I hope you line the needlecase I made for you :)

  2. It's *gorgeous*, Mayte! You do really beautiful work. I'm truly sorry we missed each other.