Progress on MMM and a New Start

I really love it when BSF (Best Stitching Friend) Melissa and I can get together at our LNS for some drop-in stitching, and today saw us there again. Melissa did a lot of floss-pulling and floss-tossing for a couple of projects, while I completed one more of the boxes in "Margaret's Monochrome Madness" and started another. Here she is, hard at work on her "Mary Wigham" Quaker repro. Eventually we'll both be working on this one, but I'm waiting for my fabric to arrive at the LNS from the hand-dyer, Picture This Plus. Hop on over to her blog to read about her fabric and fiber choices. Mine will be on PTP's "Heritage" on 32-count Lugana, and I'll be stitching over two with one strand, with an assortment of overdyed flosses pulled from my stash.
And here's the latest completed box on "Margeret's Monochrome Madness":
It's the box done in diagonal blocks with an overdyed fiber very similar to a perle coton. This one is Caron Collections Wildflowers "Rye."

My new start is a piece Melissa, our stitching bud Terri, Melissa's buddy Tracy, and I are doing as a stitchalong. It's another repro Quaker sampler, "Hannah Beeby." Mine is over one thread on 25-count Lugana "Vintage Country Mocha." I'm using plain old solid-color DMC floss for this one, although I had to make a change to a slightly darker shade when I started stitching and realized that the 3013 would be way too light. Melissa and I agree that the 3012 works much better!
The quarter is there not just so that you can tell how tiny the stitching is, but is also a needle magnet put together by a wonderful lady who also is a fellow stitch-class student, fellow MMMer, and fellow Surf City 5K participant.

Sadly (for me, anyway!), Melissa will be off to visit Tracy later this week, so I'll be missing my BSF for the next couple of weeks. We'll see each other again for the Ellen Chester class at our LNS later this month, and then she's off again, to visit Nick in Detroit! The store will definitely be quiet for the next several Saturdays.


  1. Looks good! You both are amazing. Why are there no pictures of you?

  2. Sometimes she posts them to her blog.