Three-day weekend! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NASA decided to keep Atlantis up another day or two after completing the Hubble service mission, hoping to land at the Cape instead of the more expensive Edwards AFB, so instead of getting to (finally!!) see an orbiter landing I headed down to Garden Grove for the Strawberry Festival Parade with the BFFs. I parked a little less than a couple of miles away and rode my bike (Orion) over there. Got a bit sunburned once the June Gloom In May burned off. The parade was dreadful, with really horrible gaps in it. Granted, it'll never be the Rose Parade, but this was beyond pathetic. Rode back to where I'd parked the van, loaded up the bike, scrawled a brief passage in my ride journal, then the BFFs and I had lunch at the unspectacular Hometown Buffet. After that, I headed over to the LNS for some drop-in stitching with BSF (best stitching friend) Melissa. After the store closed, Melissa, the store's owner, her chief clerk, and I had dinner at Mimi's.

I finally finished all the "sashing" stitches which divide the piece into 38 segments (we call 'em boxes), so now I just have to fill them all up with the various stitches and fibers.

I've also finished the stitching on the latest Quaker Quarterly Exchange piece, and have the finishing-finishing to do this weekend.

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  1. That looks really cool! Sounds like you had a pretty fun day.