Update (at long last!)

The latest stitching finish, a gift, has been handed over to its recipient. Who claims she's delighted and has Just The Spot for it in her room. First, a look at the design in its original version:

Then a look at the modified version (apologies in advance for the bit of glare, and the bits of exotic background of assorted stamping supplies):
Yes, there's more than just a change to the color of the lettering in this one. I recharted it to use the 1928 Book of Common Prayer version of the Lord's Prayer, the one BFF-N and I grew up with. Which meant changing "debts" and "debtors" into "trespasses" and "those who trespass against us." And "Our Father Which" into "Our Father Who." And slipping that "and ever" in after the "for ever." And lengthening the whole thing to allow for the additional wording. And changing the color of the lettering, of course, because that purpley-blue is just so not BFF-N.

And finally, something a little different. I don't normally post pictures from my rides in this blog, but this stop today was a special one: The Columbia Memorial Science Center in Downey CA, on a segment of the old Rockwell Space Division site. There isn't a whole lot in the center yet, just a few activities and displays, but this photomosaic was more than worth the $5 admission to the finally open facility. This photo doesn't begin to do it justice and doesn't show the whole thing. As near as I can tell, every photograph in this piece has something to do with Columbia. And not her sisters, Challenger, Discovery, Atlantis, and Endeavour. Launches, landings, developmental illustrations, inflight photos, mission badges, construction, assembly. The photo itself is, of course, the launch of STS-1.


  1. The Lord's Prayer piece turned out lovely! That's the version I grew up saying as well. :)

  2. Well done on The Lord's Prayer!

    And the Columbia mosaic looks very cool! I hope I get to see it one day.

  3. Wow... you have such pretty pieces here! Great job!
    I'm following you now!
    Hugs from sunny Brazil! =)