New Framing, New Finish & Framing

First is the last of the graduation samplers, for my younger great niece. It's Lynnyn Designs' "ConGRADulations" [sic], on White Lugana 25 with a combination of DMC solids and assorted overdyes. Sorry about the craptastic photo; I was having problems with reflections.

Second is With My Needle's "Quaker Samplings 1," on Mushroom Lugana 25 over 1 with a light chocolate DMC (38-something), finished in 2007, but just framed this year.

Another finish, for Legacy board's Quaker Quarterly Exchange, can't be shown yet, since I just mailed it this morning.


  1. Hi Darla,

    Your Quaker Samplings looks wonderful--and all over one thread!! Wow!

    I hope that you'll send me a photo for my blog and also that I can see it when I'm in California.


  2. Yaay! Looks great. BTW, am I the only one who got a maroon mat? Grandma was insisting they're all green, but mine is definitely not green. It's the same shade as the heart-shaped "roots."