Come On In

And make yourselves comfortable while I try to get the place organized. All the backups from the Blog-City blog have been sent off to my Gmail account—never have understood why they never make it through to my primary mail account with another company, yet will also go through to my old AOL address! Now I just need to figure out how to create the archives of old posts over here in the new neighborhood.

Yesterday was the third, and final, meeting of a counted-canvas class at my LNS, although we're trying to schedule an informal meeting for later in the year to check each other's progress on the piece. It's really fun, and if life doesn't have other plans for me next Saturday, I'm going to spend the afternoon at the LNS in the classroom working on the piece some more.

The current actually-in-progress piece at home is the last of the graduation samplers. I'm seriously considering shredding the chart, once I've finished this one, and then burning the shreddings. Laura Mercy, but I'm tired of this one! It's only something like the 10th time I've stitched it, and there are only so many variations on the same theme. Assorted other projects are languishing while this one gets all the stitching focus at home.

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